LEGO News JUNE 2024

LEGO News JUNE 2024

After a month with few new releases, but not bad, one of the great months of the year arrives along with January and November: LEGO New Releases JUNE 2024. We have new releases from the main LEGO categories and several of those that are going to «hurt» your pocket, such as LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr (10333) or Notre Dame de Paris (21061). We know that you already know all these new sets, otherwise, you are taking too long to stay informed on our Telegram channels LEGOfertas and Brickmania. You have no excuse.


🟡 El Señor de los Anillos: Barad-dûr 10333 ()
🔵 Notre Dame de París 21061
🟢 Radio Retro 10334
🔴 Juego de Ajedrez Clásico 40719
🟠 El Rey León: Simba Joven 43247
🟣 BrickHead: Legolas y Gimli 40751
🟤 BrickHead: Alegría, Tristeza y Ansiedad
⚪️ Tuxedo Cat (21349)

📍Harry Potter📍

🔵 Hipogrifo Buckbeak 76427
🔵 Castillo de Hogwarts: Clase de Pociones 76431
🔵 Planta de Poción: Mandrágora 76433
🔵 Castillo de Hogwarts: El Gran Salón 76435
🔵 Ollivanders y los trajes de Madam Malkin 76439
🔵 Torneo de los Tres Magos: La Llegada 76440

📍Star Wars📍

🔴 Pack de Combate: Emboscada en Mandalore 75373
🔴 Batalla entre Paz Vizsla y Moff Gideon 75386
🔴 Microfighter: Ala-Y del Capitán Rex 75391
🔴 Meca Ala-X de Luke Skywalker 75390
🔴 Imperial Star Destroyer 75394

📍Speed Champions📍

🟠 Safety Car de Aston Martin y AMR23
🟠 Superdeportivo Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT
🟠 Mercedes-AMG G 63 y Mercedes-AMG SL 63

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